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Both Facebook and Instagram allow brands to tailor their approaches to targets


Marketers on both can hone in on prospects by age, gender, interests and more


Ability to track ad metrics ensures Facebook and Instagram are both good bets

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Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

Integrating Facebook and Instagram Advertising Can Be Doubly Rewarding

Visitors to Facebook encounter different experiences than when visiting Instagram. That variety is why it makes sense to integrate brand campaigns on both channels. Facebook is best at helping brands target specific demographics, while Instagram’s finest quality is depicting your products and services in visually interesting ways. Here’s how to use the two in complementary ways to drive site traffic and grow awareness.


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Differences between Facebook and Instagram ensure marketers reach a broader swath of intended customers/prospects than they might on either site alone. Given Facebook’s huge user base, ads are viewed by a widely varied audience. By contrast, Instagram ads reach a younger demographic many brands covet. By advertising on both platforms, brands can benefit from a huge combined user base of 3.7 billion people. In addition, combining efforts by, say, driving traffic on Facebook and retargeting initially non-converted folks on Instagram can boost conversion rates. Brand marketers applaud differences that prove complementary. They expose ads to larger audiences.

This month, we explore similarities and differences between Facebook and Instagram, and tell why linking the platforms creates synergies that take campaigns further.

While it’s important to track performance of ads on both Facebook and Instagram, the ad performance metrics of Facebook are much more comprehensive than Instagram’s.

Read Facebook & Instagram Advertising: For Businesses (Business Lead Generation Books), by Joel Erlichson.

The benefits of combining Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns don’t override the importance of adhering to the basics: Posting valuable content, quickly responding to users’ questions and comments, remaining consistent and relying on relevant hashtags.

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Facebook’s and Instagram’s similarities are further reasons to consolidate them. Ads on both channels are affordable and customizable. The ability to tailor advertising is key, considering each channel allows brand marketers to segment their audiences and target customers and prospects based on such categories as age and interests. Also, brands can gain synergies using one channel to promote on the other. Example: An Instagram contest or giveaway can be promoted through a targeted Facebook ad. The similar-yet-complementary nature of the two ensures better results together than apart.

We’ve reported several important reasons to merge your Facebook and Instagram ad approaches to give your campaigns greater firepower. Read on to learn a few more.

  • Simultaneous launch. Facebook permits campaigns to be simultaneously launched on both Facebook and Instagram, and also enables the fine tuning of details ranging from the ad budget to audience segmentation, targeting and ad formats.
  • Manage DMs. Integrating Facebook and Instagram allows brand marketers to reap real time savings by managing Instagram Direct Messages from the Facebook page inbox, and also allows them to more conveniently integrate third-party applications.
  • Leverage tools. Running the same ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram at the same time can increase brands’ reach, grow customer engagement and propel sales, particularly if the assessment tools each platform makes available are optimized.