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Saturday, February 26th 2022

Position your brand as a thought leader in its space with finely-crafted white papers

White papers stand out from other marketing materials in an important way. They show that your brand is an authority on a topic, helping readers grasp a key issue, reach a decision or solve a problem. Their value in marketing remains undisputed. It has been reported around 79 percent of B2B buyers share white papers with colleagues. Read further for todayís latest white paper tips and best practices. 


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To create white papers that draw the readership of your intended readership, choose topics intriguing to your customers and prospects. One approach: Seek your highest-performing blog post of recent months, and base your brandís next white paper on that topic. Another approach may be to mine your sales teamís insights for issues of concern voiced by their customers and prospects. Their concerns are ideal foundations for future white papers. These topics should draw the eyes of intended targets. 

We compose a series of arguments for using white papers to lure customers and prospects to your brand, and offer tips and best practices in white paper creation.

The success of your white paper rests upon the material being unblemished by typos and incorrect info. Proofread and fact-check every line of the paper to ensure veracity.

Read White Paper Guide: How to Write a White Paper, by Master Class Staff.

Rather than poring over your white paper from cover to cover, most readers will skip to spots that most interest them. Therefore, include a table of contents and page numbers. 

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Smart preparers of white papers know their audiences, and select the kind of paper best suited to that audienceís interests. Among common white paper types are challenge-solution, bulleted lists and industry backgrounders, each of which organizes material differently. Challenge-solution papers identify a problem often faced by prospects, as well as facts and data arguing for using a featured product or service. Lists formatted by numbers or bullets enumerate new product or service takeaways. Backgrounders take complex technical product/service stories, making them clear and lucid. 

In addition to the foundational approaches described above, itís also key to understand the benefits white papers bring your audience. Read on for three such benefits.

  • Capture trust, good will. Your customers get enough sales pitches. A white paper gives them a refreshing change of pace. Instead of a pitch, they receive a fact-filled briefing, helping your brand build good will and gain trust with its best prospects.
  • Reach decision makers. White papers are sober analyses that focus on customer pain points, so they draw the interest of company movers and shakers. In short, they interest the very decision makers most likely to okay purchase of your product.
  • Generate leads. Ensure those accessing your white papers from your companyís website must leave email addresses. In this way, you generate crucial new leads