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Keep branding consistent, matching design of landing pages


Leverage dynamic content to personalize each email message


Ensure messages offer genuine value, avoid salesy pushiness

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Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

When Seeking to Build Your Company Brand, Invest in Email Marketing

Among 2024’s most powerful drivers of ROI for brands, email marketing is bested only by websites and social media. A recent study revealed 85% of marketers rely on email as their primary brand awareness tool. Email lets companies zero in on specific targets, share brand insights, heighten brand content marketing strategy, boost website traffic and accurately gauge results. Read on to make email marketing work for you.


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Your brand boosting efforts won’t go far if every email sent looks and feels different. So when creating email marketing campaigns, aim for consistency. Not only should every email boast the same look, feel and tone, but each should match the look of the landing page to which recipients are directed. Also endeavor to ensure your email marketing salvos are dispatched on a consistent schedule, advancing brand trust.

We look at the many reasons to use email marketing to elevate brand awareness, discussing best practices in creating emails that capture attention and cement recognition.

This year, email authentication is at last transitioning from a smart strategy to a required action, so learn the requirements set forth by the likes of Gmail and Yahoo.

Read Email Marketing Rules: 184 Best Practices to Optimize the Subscriber Experience and Drive Business Success, by Chad S. White.

A recent study found more than 80% of smartphone owners prioritize Dark Mode, meaning your brand’s templates should ensure emails display well on the dark color scheme.

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Research confirms up to 80% of customers are more willing to buy when presented a personalized experience. Why? First, personalized emails stand out from others. Having commanded attention, they get opened. And because personalized emails often focus on recipient interests and experiences, those on the receiving end often pursue the suggested action, whether buying a product or registering for a webinar. Emails should be personalized based on key demographics, targets’ place in sales funnel and readiness to purchase now. They should also make clear they’re from a specific person.

There exist many approaches to amplify brand recognition and loyalty through email marketing. Continue reading to learn a number of additional stratagems.

  • Embrace UGC use. Reviews and testimonials by users play a large role in purchase decisions of 71% of customers. What’s more, 48% of customers exploring new products report UGC is more effective in building brand awareness.
  • Display human touch. Humanize your brand messaging by offering insights valued by recipients, and by staying clear of any sign of salesy or pushy content. Use a helpful, conversational tone combined with first person appeals to ensure messaging has a person-to-person feeling.
  • Calls to action. Include multiple clear, concise calls to action in each email to spur recipients to take action now. Spotify incorporated a $200 offer as incentive to prompt recipients to take short surveys about using the channel.