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Saturday, December 30th, 2023

Stay Apace of Emerging Social Media Marketing Developments in ‘24

Keeping up with the continuous evolution of best practices in social media marketing is critical to developing and implementing successful plans for the upcoming year. Marketing experts are predicting the next 12 months will be replete with especially smart opportunities and equally daunting challenges. Remaining on the cutting edge of AI and video will be crucial, but so will the need to retain the personal touch. Read further for key insights.


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AI-recommended content appears more and more frequently in feeds over the next year, this trend can work to marketers’ distinct benefit. With AI powering recommendations, authentic content and content that utilizes short-form video should appear higher in feeds. Creators of this content will thus gain excellent exposure, even if their brands don’t have huge followings. Try increasing the amount of posted content that asks questions, shares memes, guides purchasing decisions, adopts a conversational tone and tends to engage customers in real time.

We delve into the leading social media marketing best practices for 2024, revealing why these developments will gain traction and how brands profit from deploying them.

In surveys, 90 percent of customers termed livestream shopping events convenient, and 70 percent preferred livestream over other social media purchasing methods..

Read Social Media Marketing 2024: Mastering New Trends & Strategies for Online Success, by Robert Hill.

Some say 2024 will be the year values become as important as value, as more and more brands trumpet their ethical practices and commitment to sustainability.

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Livestream shopping represents the intersection of ecommerce and live streaming. It’s enabled by enhancements in Internet connectivity, mobile devices and social media platforms. Those advances now allow customers to access livestream shopping events wherever they roam, and engage with brands as the brands’ host representatives tout their products or services in real time. Shoppers can ask questions and give their own thoughts on the product, increasing trust between the brand and customer. The new year’s the time to hop aboard this train while it’s still in the station.

We’ve homed in on two social media marketing trends sure to be among the biggest of the new year. Now read on for additional trends marketers can keep on their radar.

  • Make it personal. Data drawn from customers’ interactions with social media, websites or brick-and mortar stores can be sliced and diced via sophisticated analytics, allowing marketers to personalize content and product recommendations for customers.
  • Shorten video appeals. Short-form videos arrived just in time as consumers adopted briefer attention spans than ever. Now is the time to use short-form videos to advertise, tell stories, launch products and share testimonials.
  • Be authentic, believable. Parlaying user-generated content (UGC) into effective social media marketing campaigns makes perfect sense, particularly since folks view UGC as more believable, and customers increasingly trust marketing they deem genuine.