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Monitor online critiques to thank positive, respond to negative


Follow strategy of correcting any problems multiple customers cite


Surpass your rivals by turning good and bad reviews into positive results

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Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Respond Empathetically to Customer Reviews to Gain a Competitive Edge

Before making purchases, some 98 percent of customers read online reviews about the product or service. Reviews exert an enormous impact on whether those customers will opt to buy your brand or defect to a competitor. Viewing a single negative review can slash purchase likelihood by more than 40 percent. A thoughtful strategy in responding to both favorable and unfavorable reviews holds the key to success.


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Customers are inclined to regard negative reviews as more credible than their positive counterparts. For this reason, it’s essential your brand read and study reviews and pay especially close attention to negative critiques. Size up the content of each negative review to determine whether it’s justified. Decide whether the company itself should be considered at fault for the adverse response, or whether the thumbs-down review resulted from external factors. Once your staff determines the answer, you are well on your way to deciding next steps in your response to this online review.

We show why both positive and negative reviews should be expected, and how each kind of review can be used to help brands boost trust and build relationships.

Recent surveys indicate the most trustworthy reviews average 4 to 4.7 stars out of 5.

Read Turning Lemons into Lemonade: A Guide to Handling Irate Customers and Bad Online Reviews, by Farah Farah.

In responding to negative reviews, try to convince customers to give you a second chance. Answer personally, empathize, apologize and promise better next time.

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Receiving a critical review is never encouraging. But negative reviews are part of doing business, and every company receives them. Moreover, the lessons learned from such responses can furnish brands with business-building insights. Critical reviews flow from first-hand experiences of customers with your product or service. These reviews enable brands to launch conversations with -- and draw valuable feedback from – customers. The result can be insights that help your company improve the product it offers, and happy customers impressed you listened and responded.

Adopting constructive attitudes toward online reviews is important. Read further to learn why your brand is as likely to profit from negative reviews as positive ones

  • Earn trust. There’s nothing like a steady stream of rave reviews to elevate prospective customers’ eyebrows. However, a study found more than two-thirds of customers are more likely to bestow their trust upon brands displaying both pro and con online reviews.
  • Spread news. Reviews can alert those unfamiliar with your brand to its existence. For instance, reviews stating your home product is good but beyond reviewers’ budgets could spur better-capitalized purchasers to buy.
  • Say thanks. Online reviews can spark companies to say “thank you,” and begin to build relationships. The best testimonials can be utilized in brand marketing efforts.