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Use date-driven insights on LinkedIn to tailor messages to audiences


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Saturday, September 30th 2023

Seize New Opportunities to Reach More Customers with LinkedIn

You’ve included LinkedIn in your marketing arsenal for years. Now there are even more reasons to use the online business powerhouse. LinkedIn’s value is reflected in the 79% of visitors who report using it “more” or “way more” in 2023 than in the past. With greater opportunities to reach customers and prospects on LinkedIn, it pays to stay current on these latest trends.


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TikTok and Instagram Reels have propelled short-form video to booming popularity in recent years. Brands can and should use LinkedIn as well to feature brand-promoting short-form videos. Time-pressed customers, especially younger ones, seek insights that can be delivered in bite-sized, easily digestible formats. Using video to communicate brand messages fits their needs perfectly. Consider these LinkedIn video best practices: Feature product demos, brief customer testimonials or convey important insights about company culture, both of which have been demonstrated to garner heightened customer engagement.

We drill down into reasons for the growing popularity of LinkedIn, discussing the channel’s new tools and the most important trends in using the site..

Virtual events over LinkedIn remain popular, even as in-person events return. Promote by asking questions and getting your audience talking over LinkedIn prior to the event.

Read LinkedIn Social Media Marketing: Secrets to Easily Build Your Business and Personal Brand Through Social Selling and LinkedIn Marketing to Generate Growth, by Richard Hedbeg.

Target LinkedIn groups comprised of members of professional associations or people who share specific purchase interests, who are ideal prospects for your brand.

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Influencer marketing has arrived on LinkedIn in a big way. Partnering with LinkedIn influencers can generate leads and boost your brand awareness and authenticity. LinkedIn influencers have logged years on the channel building credibility as subject matter experts. LinkedIn users trust them implicitly, and are likely to trust their belief in your brand. Also, LinkedIn influencer marketing is still new, letting you impactfully differentiate your brand. In addition, your company can follow them, and they will probably follow you back. It’s another great way to get the attention of prospective customers.

Read on for tips about Stories, personalization, AI and more.

  • Segment, personalize. Every brand seeks to convey marketing messages their customers feel were meant directly for them. LinkedIn enables brands to use data to segment their targets and personalize marketing messages for greater effectiveness.
  • Share Stories. LinkedIn Stories is a short-form feature that uses a vertical format to show text, images and videos. Using LinkedIn Stories can let you humanize your brand, promote thought leadership and engage with and learn more about your audience.
  • Generative AI. While AI isn’t new on LinkedIn, there are new advancements that save time and effort. Generative AI can expedite some of the more basic aspects of marketing message creation, liberating professionals to tackle higher-value tasks.