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Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

Invest in Instagram Partnership Ads, Leveraging Creator-Produced Content

New privacy-driven restrictions on how brands can target consumers led Instagram to recently unveil new Partnership Ads. This feature enables brands to amplify a greater array of user-generated content with both Paid Partnership labels and collab tags. Doing so has been proven to help brands hike click-through rates 53 percent. Read on to learn the strategies helping you profit from additional Instagram branded content.


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Branded Partnership Ads are an effective way to rank higher in searches and share creator content more widely than possible with organic reach. Your brand should begin by cementing strategic partnerships with influencers, content creators and other brands with similar targets and brand values. When seeking partners, scope out influencers or creators with significant numbers of followers, and those who interact with their audiences in particularly genuine ways. This strategy can hike your brand’s reach, helping you snag fresh, relevant targets likely previously outside your orbit.

We focus on new opportunities through Instagram to launch Partnership Ad campaigns, teaming with partners to ratchet up engagement, interaction and purchase.

Adding Partnership Ads to the ads you produce in-house has been demonstrated to decrease cost per action by 19 percent.

Read Instagram Content Strategies for Business: How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Brand, by Frank Williams.

When customers and creators mention your brand in their content, you can promote this recognition in an ad campaign. Content that references your brand lets you show proof it is valued by customers. Gain permission from creators to use their content, then request to forge ad partnerships.

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Ensuring your Partnership Ads are delivered to targets via all features Instagram offers helps turbocharge your results. The social media channel provides a range of features intended to help ensure users view and engage with ad messages. Take advantage of this spectrum to diversify your brand’s content, delivering it over Reels, IGTV, Stories and Shopping Tags. Each has been designed to attract different audiences and appeal to differing interests. What’s more, each offers distinct opportunities to creatively spotlight your branded content and hoist engagement with your audience.

There are many more ways for your brand to use the new Instagram Partnership Ads to its advantage. Let’s now zero in on a few other successful strategies.

  • Introduce contests. Huddle with brand partners to dream up contests and giveaways that build customer interest and engagement. Announce these promotions via the online messaging of your brand and its partners. Encourage users to follow both.
  • Create branded hashtags. Research and analyze favored hashtags in your brand’s business sector. Create branded hashtags built around your brand or tagline. Branded hashtags direct targets to your content and get tongues wagging about your brand.
  • Tap Insights. Monitor and fine tune your Instagram Partnership Ad campaigns by using Instagram Insights. This tool helps you learn more about your account’s followers and performance, lets you gauge audience engagement with specific posts and more.