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Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

Don’t Miss a Chance to Build Relationships with Customers Via Social Media

In today’s fast-changing marketplace, it’s hard to find a better tool than social media to build robust engagement with customers. Feedback and suggestions in social media posts can give your brand ideas for new or better products, help you manage brand reputation and smooth interactions with future brand followers. Here are best practices in forging relationships with customers who post about your brand on social media.


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Encourage customers to post about your product or service on social media. Ask a question to spark social media responses. Inquire about their opinions on product trends or start a Twitter chat to fuel discussion. Once customers begin responding, ask them if they’ll consent to a one-on-one interview. Or send them a survey to gauge their feelings on a deeper level. You can also invite them to participate in a focus group. All these strategies can help you become more familiar with your customers and in that way grow relationships with them.

We investigate ways to use social media customer feedback to build brands through every initiative from new product development to lead generation.

Customers linger longer on social media than any other Internet activity including email, making it essential you use their feedback to propel your brand presence.

Read Social Media Marketing: The Step-by-Step Crash Course to Master Social Media Marketing, Build a Brand Online & Increase the ROI of Your Business, by Hector Sullivan.

Hiking customer retention by 5 percent has been said to grow profits by up to 95 percent. Building stronger customer relationships leads to greater long-term loyalty.

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Direct Voice of Customer (VoC) data, meaning customer feedback companies gather to grasp brand perception, can be crucial in helping build your brand. Among different types of VoC, direct VoC from social media comments can be among the most valued forms. Analyze direct VoC via machine learning and AI to gain ideas about enhancing customer experiences, creating new products or product improvements or resolving customer complaints or concerns. Insights gleaned through VoC can help you create sales campaigns, personalize marketing messages, and generate new leads.

Your brand profits from encouraging -- and learning from -- customers’ social media feedback. Read on for ways to keep the interaction going by giving back in return.

  • Reward reviews. When your brand receives enthusiastic social media feedback from a customer, respond by immediately thanking the customer and asking if he/she would consider furnishing a testimonial about your company.
  • Boost bonus. Particularly positive feedback on social media may merit a grander gesture from your company. Consider rewarding customers by offering free products, inviting them to special events or naming them customer of the month.
  • Fix flaws. It’s even more critical for your brand to respond quickly to negative social media feedback, solving customers’ problems. Doing so can show your company to be highly responsive, fostering loyalty from the critic and “digital bystanders.”