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Leverage newly emergent data to “get granular” in reaching customers


Study, act on Apple’s iOS 14 changes impacting social media ads


Trim video length to seize on growing interest in short-form videos

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Wednesday, May 31st 2023

Reach Your Customers Where They Live, With Social Media Ad Campaigns

Reaching your brand’s customers through social media advertising just makes sense. Advertising on social media channels enables you to zero in on targets likely to respond to your products. Social media ads also remain cost-effective, allowing you to maximize your return on investment. As well, you can use analytics to gauge advertising performance and test different placements. Read on for latest trends in social media ads.


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There’s great news for marketers intent on squeezing the most benefit from every dollar spent. They can tap growing amounts of data to ensure their social media advertising is seen by precisely the prospects who count, at exactly the right times. Brands can apply “hyper-granularity” by drilling down to people most likely to interact with their ad messages. Example: They can target past visitors to their websites, repeat purchasers and new customers most resembling target demographics. The more granularity brands achieve, the more efficiency they reap from their ad placements.

We pore over social media advertising’s ever-changing role, explaining important trends to leverage and how they can profit your brand.

Across the globe, more than 4.26 billion individuals used social media in 2021. That number is forecast to grow to nearly 6 billion four years from now.

Read Social Media Advertising: How to Advertise on Five Different Online Platforms, by Alana Batman.

Brands are now unshackled from yesteryear’s social media ad look and feel. Today’s ads can be creative, personalized and actually look much like organic content.

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TikTok’s ascendance gave rise to Instagram and Facebook Reels, which in turn helped spawn YouTube Shorts. The growing popularity of short-form video in social media will likely exert far-reaching consequences for social media ad strategists. Simple and cost-effective to produce, bite-sized vertical videos running under 60 seconds can be digested quickly. They also commandeer more likes, shares and actions from viewers. To reach the most coveted users, ads must be shown where those users spend the most time. Increasingly, that time is spent riveted to short-form videos.

Hyper granularity and short-form video are two key social media ad trends of 2023. Now we present several more emergent developments in this fast-evolving medium.

  • Adjust reality. Augmented reality and virtual reality advertising will continue to boom over a number of social media platforms. The TikTok channel is particularly well-positioned to showcase AR and VR ads, which will soon go mainstream.
  • Display patience. Apple’s iOS 14 impacted in-app tracking, making it more daunting for advertisers to determine if their Facebook ads generate results. Best advice: Permit ads an additional two to four weeks before attempting to peg their effectiveness.
  • Try influencers. Among this year’s prevailing social media advertising trends, influencer marketing stands out. Used by 84 percent of marketers, influencer marketing’s ROI is 11 times greater than other Internet marketing strategies.