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Saturday, April 29th 2023

Place the Full Weight of YouTube’s Impact Behind Your Marketing Efforts

If seeking more bang for your buck, keep YouTube marketing top of mind. In recent years, video has done nothing but grow in relevance as a marketing tool. The channel’s more than 2.3 billion global users, and its stature as second-most leveraged search engine (after Google) secure its place in every savvy marketer’s arsenal. YouTube trends morph constantly, so prioritize these up-to-the-minute best practices.


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YouTube Shorts may be among marketers’ best bets in the long run. Delivering useful information in a fast 15 to 60 seconds, YouTube Shorts provide marketers a simple way to present mini videos to the channel’s enormous user base. Launched just three years ago, Shorts’ influence now rivals those of longer-standing short-form video forums TikTok and Instagram Reels. Versatile YouTube Shorts can be created with audio as well as text. Simply put, Shorts let marketers reach audiences with avidly viewed, bite-sized information targeted to their interests. 

We tune in to the YouTube channel to reveal why smart marketers now prioritize videos, and how to gain every bit of impact out of YouTube’s potential.

Adding captions to YouTube videos is trending for several reasons, not the least of which is that videos with captions keep viewers engaged, and help them find information they’ve searched for within videos.

Read YouTube Marketing: A Step By Step Guide To Being a Successful YouTube Marketer, by Daniel Adekule.

User-generated content is regarded by Millennials as 35 percent more convincing than other formats. Use contests and challenges to motivate viewers to upload their UGC on YouTube. Also incorporate UGC in your own videos.

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Every marketer seeks to master better ways of engaging with customers, particularly younger customers cementing brand loyalties. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) videos enable brands to offer immersive experiences that capture younger, tech-savvy audiences. VR/AR can be used to let viewers interact with products, attend live events like product launches and how-to seminars and take behind-the-scenes, 360-degree tours of company headquarters or plants. In short, VR/AR videos on YouTube deliver a fascinating new way to present brand stories to vital audiences.

When it comes to YouTube marketing, there are several best practices to keep in mind. Let’s delve deeper into some more tested YouTube marketing strategies.

  • Optimization essential. With YouTube videos proliferating, marketers must optimize their videos to rank higher. Determine the words and phrases your audience searches for most, then incorporate them in your title, video description and video tags.  
  • Secure social commerce. Destined to reach $1.2 trillion in two years, social commerce remains an opportunity not to be missed. Last year’s partnership between YouTube and Shopify lets marketers turn influencer marketing and ad targeting into social riches.
  • Analyze, improve. YouTube Studio provides built-in reports on how well your brand’s YouTube campaign succeeds. These analytics help you pinpoint top-performing videos, how long viewers watch, click-through rates and more.