Case History

Wellcraft Egress Systems:
Brand Invigoration & Quantifiable, Bold Results

The Tapco Group, a leading building products manufacturer, wanted to enhance brand awareness and acceptance for its Wellcraft Egress Systems division, a full line of basement window escape products.


Walt Denny Inc. (WDI) identified a public relations opportunity to position Wellcraft as the category "Thought Leader." WDI asked Tapco to share a good example of a customer installing egress systems. A Michigan remodeler saw great opportunity with building code changes requiring them. Anticipating demand, he retooled his business into a successful egress specialty company. To create exposure for this success story, WDI targeted similar building professionals through the Journal of Light Construction (JLC), a major title from the leading industry publisher. WDI pitched the editorial director on the timely opportunity for his print and online readers to add this profitable specialty niche.

The receptive editorial director met with us and our client at a trade show, visiting Wellcraft. WDI interviewed the egress installer, producing a comprehensive case backgrounder detailing both installation technique and business strategy. An editor was assigned the story with WDI submitting the backgrounder and ensuring photo needs were met.


JLC published a front cover story, including a full-color, 9-page article featuring our client's product and their good customer performing a step-by-step Wellcraft Egress System installation. Within two months, unique visits to Wellcraft's site increased by more than 47 percent compared to the previous two months, also accounting for the highest single-month total in an 11-month tracking period. The feature created brand acceptance through the message 'if I'm going into this business, this is the brand I should use.' The published piece has been used as an effective marketing tool by Tapco. The story remained available at the JLC website after publication and was promoted at the installer's site, helping merchandise our client's product further. With each link to Wellcraft, we elevate the brand's ranking for Internet search.

JLC Magazine - Egress Window Retrofit
Wellcraft's 9-page cover story lifted its site traffic more than 47 percent and generated brand acceptance.

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