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Saturday, October 28th, 2023

Leverage These Best Practices in The Post-Pandemic Marketplace

Covid-19 halted the world of commerce in its tracks in March 2020. Paralyzing supply chain delays as well as materials and workforce shortages curtailed millions of customers’ buying relationships. In the post-Covid world of today, brands can win back past customers and earn new ones by mixing a potent blend of pandemic-era lessons and old-school stratagems. Learn how right here.


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Reach out to customers who left to get their insight on what factors made them leave. In addition, use customer feedback to learn what it will take to win back their business. This can be done through digital as well as face-to-face methods, depending on the nature of your product or service. With this feedback, you can prepare an action plan that’s on target and resonates with their needs. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

We rise to the challenge of helping brands win back customers lost during Covid, providing tips on making purchasing more convenient and rewarding for patrons.

Gamifying customer purchasing by introducing competitions, rewards and points is anticipated to increase by 237% (9.1 to 30.7 billion) between the years 2020 and 2025.

Read Get Them Back: How to Win Back Lost Customers and Make Them Stay with You Forever, by Kemi Adeniran.

Show customers greater responsiveness by responding in real time to their questions. The increasing ease of social messaging makes this capability eminently possible.

Email or call us at 708-246-4211 to learn how to bring customers lost during the pandemic back into the fold in 2024 and beyond.


Last year, more than half of U.S. adults purchased through social media channels. More impressively, 49 out of 50 adults indicate they expect to purchase through social media channels in the future. Astute marketers are reacting by adding to the number of social media channels they use to reach customers. Harvard Business Review reported almost two-thirds (61%) of brands hiked the number of channels employed. Among B2C firms, the figure stood at 77%. When marketers raise the number of channels used, customers are more likely to find their preferred channels within the mix.


Customers have embraced social media purchasing, but they’re not immune to digital overload at times. To win back pre-Covid customers, ensure you include pre-Covid strategies by utilizing existing and new face-to-face channels. Almost 94% of brands have said “no” to all-digital strategies, and almost 3 in 10 (28%) have added new brick-and-mortar channels. The face-to-face approach gives brands three benefits: It varies the ways they reach customers, gives customers the old-fashioned human interaction they covet and furnishes a laboratory to learn about human buying behavior.

  • Direct route. As an adjunct to traditional distribution channels, consider direct-to-customer channels, which can enable your brand to experiment with strategies and gain valuable insights into customers’ online behavior. First-party data remains more critical in an era of privacy-driven third-party data limits.
  • Rewards programs. Integrate loyalty programs into your marketing game plan. Offer customers contests, give them points and bestow rewards upon them. These methods have been proven to enhance customer loyalty and increase the amounts buyers spend.