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Saturday, March 25th 2023

Safeguarding Your Online Reputation Has Never Been More Critical

Youíve spent years, possibly even decades, building your brandís first-rate reputation. But in this era of omnipresent online scrutiny and 24-7 social media exposure, a brandís standing among its public can be torpedoed in minutes. To ensure it isnít, brands must continuously make their online reputation management a high priority. Hereís why a robust outreach program and crisis communication plan are musts.  


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Maintaining your companyís sterling online reputation remains key for several reasons. Customers seek out companies with good reputations and avoid those with bad ones. Good reputations build brand trust, influencing customers in the purchase funnel. As well, search engines tend to prioritize brands with positive reputations, awarding them higher search rankings than those with lesser standings. The higher your brandís ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), the more likely customers will visit your company website and subsequently purchase your goods or services. 

We dive into the issue of online reputation management, exploring the importance of monitoring brand mentions and ways to positively shape your brandís online standing.

Almost 6 in 10 purchasers (59 percent) report conducting online research before buying, and 97 percent peruse online reviews before parting with their hard-earned money.

Read Guide To Online Reputation Management: Manage and Protect Your Brandís Reputation With Social Media: Managing Reviews, by Anthony Pedrick.

Studies have shown that 70 percent of customers will return to your brand if you handle their negative online comment promptly, professionally and fairly.

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A survey found 40 percent of folks always read online reviews; just 4 percent do not read online reviews. Clearly, thereís much at stake in managing online reputation. When an airlineís flight attendants were shown forcibly removing a passenger from a plane, its president made excuses the public didnít buy, resulting in a brand hit pegged at $1 billion. By contrast, another airlineís response to a negative Ė personal items left on planes by passengersĖ showing its logo-adorned trained dog running lost items back to owners, kindled immense good will. Different triggers and responses yielded two very different results.

Online reputations can be managed through several strategies, many involving precisely the right mixes of content creation and interaction with customers.

  • Monitor mentions. Set up Google Alerts to alert your company to any online mention of its brand. Also regularly and thoroughly sift through social media sites, online platforms, forum comments and blog posts to understand whatís being said online.  
  • Review response. Negative reviews on review sites like Glassdoor and Yelp are bound to occur from time to time. Responding quickly and positively to these reviews represents a savvy way for companies to manage their reputations.
  • Continual content. Negative social media references about your company may summon unwelcome links on page one of a web search. Countering this issue means creating and posting enough positive content to bury negative items on page two -- or lower.