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Wednesday, February 22nd 2023

To Garner Results With E-Newsletters, Yours Must Stand Out from Crowd

E-newsletters are proven winners in spurring sales and profits. Recent studies reveal every dollar spent on e-newsletters can reap up to $36 in revenues. But your customers are already besieged by newsletters, so your publication has to stand above. It has to invite readersí eyes, deliver news they can use, be readable in different formats and encourage readers to act. Pore over and follow the tips below to accomplish all these ends. 


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Segmenting e-newsletter audiences and tailoring publications to each segment has been shown to propel average revenue up to 760 percent higher. By researching the pain points and greatest interests of each segment, you can divide audiences by geography, B2B customer bases, the way each uses your product and more. Once your audience is segmented, your newsletter can be customized to feature content and subject lines highly relevant to each segment. That can lead to subscribers more often opening, reading and later converting into customers of your product or service.

We deliver the latest trends about marketing e-newsletters, reporting on why they work, what they can accomplish and tips to make them more effective.

Running A/B tests allows your brand to test the performance of different subject lines, headlines, images, testimonials, calls to action and more.

Read Creating Great Newsletters: A Quick and Easy Introduction for Marketing & CRM, by Mark Mage. 

An e-newsletter can be a valuable tool to collect customer feedback, educate targets, promote limited-time discounts and build a connection with customers.

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Your e-newsletter may be intended to educate your subscriber base. It may be geared to providing updates on products or services. It may be designed to show user-generated content. No matter the single-minded goal of your companyís e-newsletter, it should prod readers to venture toward purchase. Once engaged, readers could be invited to click and enter your brandís website, or to visit your company Instagram or LinkedIn page. The call to action could also direct them to a landing page to make a purchase. 

Continue reading for additional ideas you can take directly to the bank.

  • Invite Eyes. Avoiding packing e-newsletters with text. Too much text will repel your readersí eyes, rather than inviting them in. Keep your publication simple, with plenty of white space, as well as graphics, images and charts to stir visual interest.  
  • Be Phone Friendly. Your e-newsletter may be read on a PC or Mac, but it will most likely be viewed on mobile devices. Some three-quarters of folks check email on their phones, so make your e-newsletter mobile friendly.
  • Include Interactivity. Incorporating interactivity in your emailed content can heighten click-throughs by up to 73 percent. Adding 360-degree view animations, quizzes, flip-and-scratch and other elements spurs reader interest and keeps them coming back.