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Wednesday, November 30th 2022

The New Marketing Content You Need May Be Content Already Created

Your audience continually hungers for fresh insights. But crafting new marketing content each and every day would tax the most ambitious marketers. Thatís why smart marketing professionals seek ways to repurpose past content in a variety of ingenious ways. The result: You reach new audiences, bolster your message and snag enhanced organic visibility. Read on to learn best ways to practice this vital strategy.


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Has your brand generated articles or blogs that include lots of quantitative information? That data delivers compelling evidence of the arguments youíre advancing. But it may have been missed in written form. Another means of getting data-rich points across can be by presenting them as part of visually engaging infographics. Todayís audiences are increasingly attuned to gaining insights through graphics. Incorporating forceful and persuasive statistics within an eye-catching infographic spotlighted on social media can ensure your message reverberates in the memories of your target audience and gets shared with like-minded prospective customers. 

We explain how and why content should be repurposed, and cite ways of extracting extra miles out of produced content by presenting it in different forms.

Your SEO objectives may be enhanced by repurposing your content. Search engine crawlers tend to regard pieces with similar targeted keywords from the same provider as evidence that provider is an expert.

Read The Keys to Creating Content Marketing, Great Tips to Start Repurposing Your Successful Content, by Tia Zavaleta.

Segment your blog posts by topic and repackage them as online courses that build your brandís reputation as an insightful thought leader in its industry.

Email or call us at 708-246-4211 to chat about why repurposing content can help marketers reach new markets in new ways with top-performing content you already possess.


When it comes to repurposing content, simpler is better. And few means of repurposing content are quicker or easier than modifying successful blog content into a SlideShare or two. Everyone enjoys a good presentation, and a SlideShare replicates that experience, turning blog content into the visual part of a presentation. A SlideShare can be easily shared with your most desirable targets, and also serves up your content in a more memorable form. One additional benefit: A SlideShare may allow your team to slide in fresh, colorful new graphics that werenít part of the original blog.

Cataloging all ways of repurposing content remains beyond the scope of any newsletter. But read on for three more essential approaches in this edition of Net Results!

  • Video tutorials. Today, the ability to master many simple tasks exists as close as a YouTube video. Your brand can augment that channelís stockpile of instructional clips by repurposing your how-to articles into simple-to-follow video tutorials. 
  • Greater depth. Longer-form podcasts may allow marketers to delve more deeply into subjects of interest to their audiences. Consider taking yesterdayís posts and expanding them into podcast episodes, adding new interview material with thought leaders.
  • UGC (user-generated content). Social media furnishes a forum for repurposing material that offered value in its original channels but could add more value over another. UGC, such as reviews or tweets, could be morphed into Instagram videos, for example.