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Saturday, October 29th 2022

Digital Stories Capture the Attention of Your Best Customers and Prospects

In the last several years, digital storytelling has pushed to the forefront of modern marketing. Mixing content with audio, image and video to relate positive stories about brands, digital storytelling snugly fits the ways potential customers absorb content these days. To produce captivating stories spurring purchase, brands must embrace the latest digital storytelling techniques. Ride along as we pinpoint these key approaches. 


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Customers and prospects respond well to authenticity. This remains a big reason behind the effectiveness of user-generated content (UGC) in digital storytelling. Most people prefer UGC because this kind of content comes across as raw and genuine. This authenticity can be used to tell digital stories very successfully. Using still images, videos, music and audio, customers relate their experiences with your brand, often eliciting emotional responses from readers. The result: Storytelling that really packs a punch.

We relate information about digital storytelling, defining the term and delivering insights into the best techniques to get the most from digital narratives.

Making your digital storytelling more interactive through the use of listicles and microsites can help your stories garner greater audience engagement.

Read Storytelling Made Easy for Digital Marketing: How to Influence Customers and Clients with the Psychology of Persuasion, Build a Brand with Storytelling, by Adam Steele. 

The heaviest lifting lies in creating a digital storytelling campaign. Once that’s done, you can use social media to further disseminate your digital stories in multiple ways. 

Email or call us at 708-246-4211 to enlist WDI’s help explaining the many ways to leverage digital storytelling to promote your brand and generate new business.


Nothing makes stories more convincing than infusing them with well-researched, compelling data points. Data-centric storytelling campaigns are built around credible and potent statistics and other quantitative evidence. Marketers may be seen as the medium between the data scientists who mine the data, and the targets that learn from the data and base buying decisions on those insights. The best data-driven stories connect both intellectually and emotionally with audiences. In short, data can be exceptionally impactful, but add a good story and the data gets remembered forever. 

Let’s now turn our attention to ways to make storytelling even more meaningful, through employee advocacy, showing not telling and narrative brevity.

  • Employee advocacy. The best brand ambassadors are often employees. Digital storytelling that focuses upon employees’ stories take audiences “behind the scenes” in your company. That helps break down the barriers between brand and customers, in the process building trust and brand loyalty.
  • Show, Don’t Tell. Short story writers are advised to “show, not tell.” That’s also a good rule in digital storytelling. Avoid giving long-winded explanations. Instead let visuals and audio speak for you, and your audience will get the idea.
  • Being brief counts. Your digital stories needn’t be long and are actually better if short. You may also see good results by sticking to the story length recommended by each platform. The best digital storytelling can oftentimes be done in less than 60 seconds.