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Wednesday, May 25th 2022

Is Any Modern Marketing Tool More Essential Than Data Analytics?

As machine learning, AI and statistical modeling evolve, marketing pros are finding data analytics increasingly essential. What’s more, the discipline’s sure to become even more critical over time. Data analytics enables the implementation of real-time marketing strategy, automated multichannel marketing efforts and AI-fueled content creation, to name a few. Here are the latest data analytics trends to watch.


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Before the arrival of data analytics, marketers were forced to probe past consumer buying behavior, and enlist those findings in extrapolating their future actions. With the advent of real-time analytics of individual and industry-wide customer data, marketers can chart a course of action based not on what happened in the past, but what’s taking place in the present. This greater grasp of real-time customer and prospect buying sentiments enables them to forge tighter relationships with their targets. That in turn helps them craft more personalized marketing messages than ever before.

We parse the latest trends in data analytics, showing how staying abreast of these trends can help marketers present customers with up-to-date, personalized messages.

Marketers increasingly need platforms like a GitHub repository or CDP solutions that let them rapidly analyze disparate information to help spur content development.

Read The Informed Company: How to Build Modern Agile Data Stacks that Drive Winning Insights, by Dave Fowler and Matthew C. David. 

Analyzing customer data from an array of brand interactions gives you a better sense of customers’ needs, as well as valuable insights into how they discovered your brand.

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Customers’ journeys from initial awareness to ultimate purchase involve a large and ever-growing volume of touchpoints. The impact of the pandemic exerted a profound influence on this trend. Sheltering-in-place customers found new ways to engage with brands, whether through online shopping adventures, streaming media or the soaring popularity of podcasts. Brands now had more ways to interact with prospects and more places to focus data analytics efforts. Result: Increasing decentralization of brand engagement with customers makes data analytics all the more crucial.

We’ve only begun to study the analytics trends of which today’s marketers must stay abreast. Read further for trends focused on content creation and CRM platforms.

  • Creating content. Already, writers tap into AI-enabled insights about 30 percent of the time when creating content. The technology can provide writers with insights that make possible greater personalization of messaging in text, images, video and/or audio.
  • Multichannel marketing. Automated marketing systems fed by real-time data on customer behavior and marketer criteria will send ever greater volumes of multichannel marketing messages, which can generate up to 20 percent surges in response rates.
  • Customer rapport. In addition to its other benefits, data analytics also enhances CRM platforms. By funneling data from various online and offline transactions into a single point of contact, the technology makes better-informed customer relations possible.