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Saturday, April 30th 2022

Savvy Media Relations Strategies Have Never Been More Important for Your Brand

Investing in professional media relations should not be overlooked, as doing so delivers greater returns with every passing year. Aligning with a skilled media relations team represents an essential strategy in communicating your brandís evolving message not only to media, but to investors, customers, prospects, employees and staff. Grasping and leveraging the full breadth of media relations benefits remains key to your brandís success. 


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Media relations involves working with the media with the goal of informing the public and others of an organizationís mission, practices or policies in a positive manner. Its ability to convert prospects into customers starts at the top of the purchase funnel, by generating awareness of your brand through tools like content marketing. It continues through the engagement stage where prospectsí interest is built, via brand-focused insights often related through storytelling. In the purchase stage, the credibility of earned media stories stands as one of the influences produced by media relations. After purchase, media relations efforts continue, creating brand evangelists and generating persuasive testimonials from satisfied customers.

We enumerate the many ways high-performing media relations can help your company thrive, propelling sales growth, investment, recruitment, and employee satisfaction.

All about people: Among the many benefits of a professional media relations partner is the rapport itís forged with writers, editors and industry publications advocating your brand.

Read Strategic Media Relations in The Age of Information: An Evidence-Based Approach, by Dustin W. Supa.

Effective media relations requires more than pitching ideas to media outlets. It requires identifying and promoting stories that are compelling to your key audiences.

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Top-notch media relations plays an important role in sparking investor interest in your firm. Media relations can help create a cohesive message and brand position enticing investors. It can spark media storylines connecting with the business press, elevating institutional and retail investor interest in your brand. It can inform investor communities about product unveilings and new business triumphs. And it can boost your corporate profile by grooming C-suite executives for speaking engagements at industry events, while placing other company key executives in a positive media spotlight.

While media relations can indeed help turn prospects into customers and would-be investors into eager ones, other benefits of a strategic plan can result as well.

  • Attract talent. Media relations enjoys a vital role in recruitment efforts, particularly in this day of staff shortages. Press releases and news stories can help hike awareness of your company, while favorably spotlighting corporate culture and building credibility.
  • Highlight issues. Todayís employees prioritize working for companies attuned to social issues. Media relations can highlight ways your brand works to help make the world a better place, for instance via support of charities or its work in its community.
  • Boost morale. Your staff members love to be singled out for great work. Recognizing employees outside the organization boosts staff morale and retention. Media relations can garner coverage in local media, alumni magazines and through industry associations.