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Wednesday, October 26th, 2021

Instagram’s Staggering Growth Makes it the Place for You to Build Followers

Instagram recently notched the more than one-billion-user mark. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram continues growing steadily. Recent studies reveal some 81 percent of people on Instagram use the site to decide whether or not to spring for a product or service. All these indicators mean your brand should be striving to expand Instagram followers. This month, we demonstrate how to do precisely that. 


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To gain more Instagram followers, start by identifying the new users you would most like to reach in your target markets. Knowing who they are should help invest your posts with greater direction and relevance. Once you gain a firm idea of that category of Instagram user, start compiling a list of keywords and hashtags reflecting those people’s interests. Finding the ideal keywords and hashtags to slide into your posts will give you a leg up on rivals. That’s because your customers will be able to readily locate your content as they search for items like building supplies or home décor ideas. 

We explore the latest trends in building Instagram followers, a strategy helping your company boost engagement, gain new customers, and spur sales.

Many brands are now choosing to create their own IGTV series to showcase longer-form “episodic” content – rather than one-offs --promoting products on a regular basis.

Read Master the Instagram Platform: Learn About Building an Engaged Audience on Instagram: Social Media Business, by Juanita Miles

Join Instagram engagement groups to capture new followers. But as you do, be sure to remain true to your brand identity.

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You’ll want to reach your customers and prospects wherever they are online. So it’s a good idea to promote your Instagram content on other social media platforms. This year, some experts are touting Pinterest and TikTok as two of the best places to trumpet your Instagram content and build followers. Link your Instagram account and your TikTok presence. Pin your Instagram posts on your Pinterest account. In addition, use other platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Include a button to your Instagram page on your website, blog and emails.

An array of additional stratagems can be leveraged when building your Instagram followers. Several of the more leading-edge ideas are described in the bullets below. 

  • Post coveted content. On a consistent basis, post high-value Instagram content your targets want and need. Determine what that content should be by utilizing analytics tools and routinely testing and refining content. 
  • Ask for shares. Influencers, brand advocates and your very own customers can be some of your best promoters. Enlist each of these groups in sharing and posting your content, and tagging your company in their posts to give you more exposure.
  • Stick with Stickers. Your brand won’t need 10,000 followers to access high-level Instagram features. A new feature allows all companies to drive traffic with Link Stickers, permitting brands like yours to link out from Stories.