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Tailor videos’ length to social media channels chosen


Determine types of customers, prospects you want videos to reach


Heighten variety by using how-tos, testimonials, demos, more

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Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

Wed Social Media’s Influence with Video Firepower to Amplify Marketing Results

Social media videos are grabbing more attention, driven by booming use of video by marketers. By 2024, $12.66 billion will be shelled out on video. Almost 9 in 10 marketers who use video report good return on investment, and 99 percent plan continuing their use. No wonder, as 90 percent of consumers say videos help them make purchase decisions. Continue reading for social media video best practices.


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Attention spans are short, so videos should also be brief. Aim for lengths between 10 and 120 seconds. Where your video falls within the range should be based on channels you use. For instance, Facebook videos can extend one to two minutes. Videos intended for Twitter can be much shorter. But your video’s length should also be based on your audience and its preferences for shorter or longer videos. Experiment with video duration to determine which length resonates with your targets.

We focus upon reasons to add video to your social media marketing endeavors, before later turning to best practices in producing social videos that grab eyeballs.

Brand association skyrockets 139 percent after your target views a video, and videos are shared by more than 9 in 10 (92 percent) of those who view them. 

Read The Media Workflow Puzzle: How It All Fits Together, by Clyde Smith and Chris Lennon.

Keeping in mind the eight-second attention span of most people, make the start of your videos irresistible. Viewers will stop scrolling and pay attention to an autoplaying video if you seize their attention in two seconds.

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Video represents an enormously versatile medium. Thus, there’s every reason to leaven your social media videos with as much variety as possible. Demos are one way to showcase your product or service, how-to videos another. Testimonials often lend themselves wonderfully to video presentations. Behind-the-scenes videos featuring interviews with employees humanize your company. FAQ videos and lifestyle videos are yet two more ideas. Regardless of video style employed, apply storytelling and emotional appeals, to engage audiences. Monitor audience responses to different videos, serving targets comparatively more of what they like.

These tips represent but two strategies increasingly favored by marketers using social media videos. Every day seems to introduce new ones, such as the following.

  • Seek unique techniques. Multiple video approaches are distinctive to social media. These include looping and muted autoplay, which can enable you to experiment with silent audio and loops that play over and over to reinforce messaging.

  • Embrace native video. Remember to post your marketing videos directly to social media platforms, as opposed to linking to a YouTube video. Doing so keeps viewers on your social profile and makes analyzing response far simpler.

  • Consider buying stage. Before creating videos, reflect on your audience’s stage in the marketing journey. Do you want the video to rivet the attention of those in the awareness, consideration or decision stages?