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Saturday, April 24th, 2021

Embrace These Strategies to Keep Pace with Post-Pandemic Marketing Trends

COVID-19’s onslaught forced marketers into sudden but often winning strategic shifts. Simultaneously, the pandemic exposed outmoded marketing strategies that should be abandoned. To ensure your brand takes full advantage of post-pandemic opportunities, explore the new trends and adopt fresh strategies that will carry you furthest, post-virus.


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Within days of COVID-19’s arrival, shelter-in-place lockdowns were issued. Companies around the globe were forced to learn to function remotely. Millions became highly accustomed to working, shopping, socializing and ordering home-delivered meals online. Within weeks, folks attained a comfort level that might have otherwise taken years to achieve. While most yearn for a return to the pre-pandemic world, some of the shift online will be immutable. For this reason, brands must increase and enhance their online presence, optimizing ease of doing business online. After all, their rivals surely will.

We revisit the changes of the past year to identify the trends and strategies certain to surge in importance as the pandemic eases.

Pre-pandemic, relationships were important. Now they’re essential, due to brand experimentation and migration the pandemic helped accelerate. Companies enjoying great pre-pandemic customer relationships founded on trust and integrity continued to thrive over the past year.

Read Post-Pandemic Marketing: Expert Insights and Predictions, by Michael Diamantstein.

Recognize the overarching lesson instilled by the pandemic. Companies that remain nimble and adaptive, with an ability to pivot swiftly to new opportunities, will always have a major competitive edge in any unfolding crisis.

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As many experts have noted, the novel coronavirus accelerated trends that had already been underway pre-pandemic. Among them: Brand experimentation and adoption of new brand loyalties. In our emergence from COVID-era restrictions, some clients will need incentives to return to your brand in the physical world. Consider providing special “welcome back” limited-time deals, additional marketing support, and exclusive offers.

The above insights provide a good start in understanding emergent marketing trends as restrictions are lifted, and the strategies you must deploy to leverage them. Now continue reading for several additions to your post-pandemic playbook.

  • Hike social media investment. Contribution of social media to company performance has soared 24 percent since February 2020. Try out the new tools on existing social platforms, invest in top talent and be ready to pivot as social preferences evolve.

  • Poll your customers. Now could be an optimal time to conduct a survey of clients to probe how their priorities have changed in the past year. Incorporate survey questions about current pain points, new objectives and top priorities. This will enable you to strengthen and build on long-term client relationships, while also maximizing the human side of the customer experience. Both the above priorities suffered during the pandemic’s restrictions.

  • Rethink communication strategy. Use the insights unearthed through your survey to re-examine your entire approach to communicating with customers. Ads, videos, public relations, webinars, email marketing, newsletters and more are ripe for revisionist thinking.