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Stage virtual events promising, delivering value to attendees


Divide event into quick-moving sessions, keeping audiences jazzed


Dream up hook, such as new product unveiling or expert interview

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Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Ensure Your Virtual Event Stands Out From Crowd, Earns New Customers

For at least a while in 2021, companies will need to continue finding opportunities through the virtual world. Among the richest opportunities: Staging virtual events. Some 93 percent of marketers plan to invest in virtual events of one or two hours that profit their customers and prospects while showcasing their own ability to lend solutions. Here's how your event can grab guests' interest, fire interaction and capture customers.


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Giving prospective attendees information they can use should be the starting point of your event planning. For example, you might construct a virtual event around your company's new product launch remedying customers' pain points. Or the event could proffer guidance in meeting a new consumer need, such as redesigning dwellings for work from home or home schooling. Ensure messages are relevant to concerns of the moment and that your event stands out as distinctively different than others.

We explain how to stage virtual events that entice audiences to attend, keep them intrigued, encourage interaction and land customers.

Top-notch production values are central to virtual event success. Use branded backdrops, enhance camera quality and ensure PowerPoints are sharp and eye-catching.

Read Standout Virtual Events, by David Meerman Scott and Michelle Manafy.

Go Live. Watching speakers deliver inspirational, educational and above all live keynotes piques interest as effectively in the virtual as in-person realm. Ask attendees to upload favored quotes or stats over social media platforms.

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Like their in-person counterparts, virtual events should be carefully structured to rouse interaction among attendees. You want people interacting both with your company and among themselves. If the event is on Zoom, for instance, urge guests to provide questions in the chat feature, answering them during the course of a presentation. Have speakers conduct polls of attendees who weigh in on your mobile event app. Encourage keynote speakers to call on participants by name. Feature entertaining challenges or quizzes aligning with content, spurring interaction.

Attending an in-person event stands as a naturally energizing experience. Sitting through long virtual events tethered to a monitor has the potential to be just the opposite. To cement attendees' interest, keep top of mind these best practices.

  • Set the tone. Getting your event off to an energetic start remains essential to maintaining audience attention. You may want to promise a new product reveal, or advance an incentive offer, keeping attendees on the edge of their seats.

  • Invite special guest. Incorporate an informative question-and-answer session with an industry authority or leading influencer, followed by a dynamically interactive question-answer session. The right guest can spike attendance and rivet interest.

  • Deliver call to action. If you prepared well for your online event, attendees likely garnered the value you promised. Near the event conclusion, close the sale with a call to action to email, phone or slate a Zoom-enabled meeting to learn more.