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Use Instagram Reels to produce quick, 30-second videos


Inform your prospects of your brand's benefits


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Saturday, December 26th, 2020

Instagram Reels Quickly and Visually Move Your Audience to Action

The phenomenal growth of Tik Tok's short videos app has prompted Instagram to counter with Reels. Originally limited to 15 seconds, the short videos now run up to 30 seconds each. That's long enough for marketers to communicate impactful messages that are anything but static. Read on for best practices in using Instagram Reels to grow awareness, connectivity and shareability.


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As with any other social media channel, there exist optimal times to post on Instagram Reels. Recognizing those times will help you squeeze the most impact from your content, ensure it's viewed by larger audiences and know it will garner a greater number of likes, comments and shares. Assuming your audience lives in the same time zone, consider giving more weight to Mondays and Thursdays from 3 to 4 pm.. or Thursdays and Fridays at about 5 p.m. Create a content calendar, monitoring times that draw greatest response.

We reel off best practices in using Instagram Reels, describing benefits and numerous uses for this new short-form video tool.

Videos forge deep connections and strike resonant emotional chords in viewers. Result: videos usually garner a higher number of shares than text and images combined.

Read Instagram Reels Marketing, by Dwayne Anderson.

The motion picture industry produces trailers trumpeting upcoming movies. Your brand can use Reels to tease longer content you already offer on other channels.

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With the addition of Reels, Instagram now offers five places to post content, among them IGTV and Stories. Even for those with a presence on other Instagram channels, Reels represents a solid bet. Reels can introduce you to new audiences. Early adopters find they enjoy greater reach and engagement on Reels than other Instagram placements. Unlike the videos on Instagram Stories, which disappear after 24 hours, those on Reels become permanent content. In fact, Reels offers numerous benefits Stories doesn't, from easier sharing to creation of video views custom audiences for retargeting.

We've defined Instagram Reels, and enumerated several reasons to consider adding it to your marketing arsenal. Next, join us as we examine reasons Reels' video can represent a longer lasting, more engaging technique to market products and services.

  • Show “how to”. Video remains the ideal way to serve up how-to instruction, as proven by how-to videos' number one status on YouTube. Use Reels to deliver quick bite tutorials on how best to use your product or service.

  • Humanize your brand. Reels can give your audience a glimpse behind the scenes at your company, introducing customers and prospects to your people, culture and manufacturing process, helping humanize your brand and boosting loyalty.

  • Repurpose video content. You're already using video in various ways on your website and elsewhere. Reels can enable the best 30-second snippets of longer clips to be reused, whether they're your own or user-generated videos.