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Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

Boost profit from paid webinars through effective promotion

On-target, paid webinars generate excellent revenue. In addition, they build your brand authentically and generate profitable leads. To ensure you wring every dollar from these webinars, read on to learn a treasured trio of promotional strategies.

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Well-written copy and head-turning visuals aren't of much benefit without the addition of a persuasive call to action (CTA). Spell out exactly what attendees can expect to gain from webinar attendance, and why they shouldn't delay a minute in registering for the event. Load your message with benefits and then direct readers/viewers to click to begin a brief registration process.

We suggest that if you plan to stage a well-attended paid webinar, be sure to implement the best digital marketing strategies to promote it.

Ballyhooing your webinar through social media demands the use of authentic images and videos to snag eyeballs. Both score highly in effectiveness tests.

Read Promote, Prepare and Profit From Your Webinars, Seminars and Retreats, by Natasa Denman and Francesca Moi.

Promote by using a lead magnet on your site's main page. Offer an item of value to your prospect he/she can access instantly, like a white paper or industry survey, simply by registering for the webinar.

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When prospects click, ensure they're delivered immediately to a dedicated landing page specifically designed to promote your webinar. That landing page should feature an overview of the webinar, including title, duration of session, cost and either date and time or "available on demand." Nearby should be a brief form to complete with name and contact information, a teaser video selling prospects on the many benefits of the webinar and finally the prominent "Register" button.

While the above two strategies are keys to trumpeting your webinar, a third is equally critical. In this strategy, you persuade followers to assume part of the effort on your behalf. Read on for more detail.

  • 3a. Make landing page sharable. It's not enough you've swayed registrants to commit to your company's webinar. You also want those registrants to serve as your promoter, encouraging their colleagues to register as well.

  • 3b. Incorporate social share buttons. The simplest way to inspire registrants to tout your webinar is by shoehorning social share buttons into your landing page. One company found including share buttons hiked content sharing by 200 percent.

  • 3c. Offer incentive. Shaving products company Harry's gave visitors to its landing page the chance to earn free products if they shared the landing page with others. The result: 100,000 emails in one week to the company during pre-launch.