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Saturday, April 25th, 2020

Create a win-win proposition by forging partnerships with B2B Digital Publications

Building partnerships with B2B media companies to offer free content like guest blogs, how-to pieces and case studies can help your company stay top-of-mind with your customers and prospects. Digital media firms need content but face limited budgets. Your company provides the content for free. Your guest blogs and how-tos position your company as an authority. Everyone wins. Here's how to build partnerships with B2B Digital Media.

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Your primary goal: To get your content into B2B digital publications your customers favor. Your secondary goal: To ensure it's read by your targets. Begin by doing your homework about the media company. Does the publication favor short or longer content? Is the content more technical or business-oriented? Is content straightforward or is it more conversational like that of a consumer publication? While scrutinizing the media, also look at content archives, to ensure your topic hasn't been covered fairly recently.

We focus on content partnerships with B2B digital media — demonstrating how companies and media can both benefit -- and walk you through the process of building that rapport.

Certain sales techniques work well in developing content partnerships with B2B editors. For example, explain how readers will benefit from your insight, and end your pitch with a call to action.

Read Powerful B2B Content: Using Brand Journalism to Create Compelling and Authentic Storytelling, by Gary Flashman.

Research has shown B2B content that demonstrates empathy for customers' everyday needs and points to a solution strengthens emotional connections with customers.

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B2B media companies often have more than one editor handling content. Identify the editor overseeing the type of content you offer. That name may be located in a staff list, on a company masthead or the website. Once the editor is identified, arrange an introduction through LinkedIn or a mutual contact. Another option: Email the editor “pitch” or “query letters" about the content you can furnish. As you reach the editor and present your letter or content outline, make sure you spell out why your company exists as the single best authority to generate and deliver that content.

You've now taken the introductory steps in getting your content into the hands of B2B media companies. The challenge remaining before you? To build on this beginning to establish a sustainable partnership in which you consistently supply content.

  • Respect lead times, deadlines. Editors frequently have special themes they address in specific upcoming editions. Recognize the content lead times they face prior to going live. Once you gain the go-ahead from the editor, build a trusted partnership by consistently meeting deadlines.

  • Balance persistence, courtesy. Establishing partnerships entails balancing staying in touch to provide ongoing content and being respectful of an editor’s time.

  • Follow up regularly. Once your partnership with the B2B digital media company flourishes, offer to follow up regularly to ascertain the editor’s needs and any new content direction your company might be able to address.