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Saturday, February 29th, 2020

Hone In On Your Best Opportunities With Account-based Marketing

Marketers often achieve greater gains by bunching efforts toward their best prospects. Account-based marketing (ABM), which focuses marketing resources at target accounts, represents a proven way to do that. Identify qualities and needs of each prized account, and tailor campaigns to address those specifics. The strategy works, as reflected in the 60 percent of companies planning ABM campaigns in the year ahead.

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Targeting entire companies is not possible. The next best thing? Reaching influencers and decision makers at your targeted accounts. To achieve this goal requires research. In addition to your sales team, LinkedIn stands as an excellent network to obtain names and email addresses. Use of LinkedIn has been shown to result in marketing efforts generating up to 200 percent more in revenue. More than 40 million decision makers and 61 million senior influencers use LinkedIn on a daily basis. It’s smart to use other sources such as: social media platforms, trade magazines, trade shows and company publications. All can edge you closer to the person(s) pulling the trigger on purchases of your product or service.

We provide insight on account-based marketing and the most effective ways to use the stratagem.

Successful ABM efforts benefit from aligned sales and marketing teams. Studies have demonstrated that companies experiencing such alignment boast 24 percent faster revenue growth and 27 percent faster profit growth.

Read Account-Based Marketing: How to Target and Engage the Companies That Will Grow Your Revenue, by Chris Golec, Peter Isaacson and Jessica Fewless.

A recurrent theme in ABM remains the need to merge marketing and sales data, which in some organizations are independent of one another. ABM requires data combine synergistically to reach essential prospects in optimal ways.

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You’ve identified key decision makers. Now craft content commanding a vice grip on their attention. Write directly about their pain points and how your product solves those problems. The more tailored the content, the better. Consider 67 percent of prospects prize content specific to their job functions. Plan content strategy to ensure messages differ at early, middle and late stages of the sales funnel. When teams make buying decisions, create content speaking not to personal agendas but more to the team’s collective goals.

At this point, you’ve pinpointed individuals you must reach at your critical accounts, and created content precisely tailored to those individuals’ priorities. Now, complete two additional steps to ensure your ABM campaign meets desired goals.

• 3. Choose the right channels. Great content written to the right people lacks value if they don’t view it. Research the channels these decision makers favor most often to consume content, and convey messages through these channels.

• 4. Gauge campaign success. Undertake detailed metric-based assessments of ABM campaigns to determine their level of success and learn where additional fine-tuning appears necessary to deliver more robust ROI.

• Bonus: Metrics to track. AMB campaigns should be tested on the basis of whether your targets are clicking on ads, following up with desired actions, engaging with your website, generating new prospects and meeting ROI goals.