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Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

Take Advantage of Changing Media Consumption Patterns

We live in a time of swift changes to the media landscape. The techniques PR pros employ to deliver news to audiences, and the way people connect with media have changed dramatically. For instance, PR opportunities through social media consumption continue to grow rapidly, while opportunities to gain placements in traditional media are challenged by shrinking editorial space. To navigate the changing landscape, consider these PR tips.

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With native media and advertorials taking editorial space once allocated to PR placements, it’s harder to gain all-important news coverage. That means PR efforts must work harder. One step is to make your efforts more data-driven. Use AI-enabled data analysis of customer tendencies and preferences. This can help you incorporate more insightful data to boost message value to your audiences.

We focus on PR techniques that can effectively meet consumers’ changing media consumption requirements.

Check this statistic. In a study of 920 million web pages, almost 91 percent drew no Google search traffic each month. Some 4.5 percent received fewer than 10 Google visits monthly. Tie branded content to PR strategies and make sure your content includes links to your branded websites.

Read The Art & Craft of PR: Creating the Mindset and Skills to Succeed in Public Relations Today, by Sandra Stahl.

Public relations benefits from clear content strategy. The clearer your content strategy, the more successful your PR will be. That’s particularly true of PR focused on social media.

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Distribute your news content through the appropriate social media channels. Doing so allows your brand to communicate directly with its customer base and prospects. Build your brand's community by avoiding blatant promotional messages. Instead, stress authentic, transparent interaction and helpful information. Tailor your content to the different groups comprising your social media audience. In addition to anticipating their needs, ask what they want, and act on their suggestions. When consumers post positive comments, videos or images about your brand and products, share their posts and images widely.


The editorial landscape has grown more fragmented, with thousands of niche media targeted at smaller but very specific audiences. Often, traditional media carries broad, general content. Niche media delves deeply into details, gaining greater respect among educated readers seeking information. Such forums enable PR pros to provide sought-after product or service specifics not found in other media. In addition, niche media often contain links to newsletters, blog spots, videos and other content to which you can contribute news about your clients’ products or services.