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Saturday, October 26th, 2019

Invest a Little More, Gain a Lot More Through AI-enabled Digital Marketing

Think of all the ways digital marketers can benefit from AI and machine learning. They can gain valuable insights, garner greater customer engagement and support, pinpoint ideal places and times for ad placement and more. In all these ways, AI and machine learning is boosting marketing ROI. With AI, even incremental investments in your marketing campaigns can reap hefty returns. Learn how here.

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Digital marketers prize ad placements that result in the greatest bang for their buck. AI makes this optimal state more achievable than ever before. Marketers can use AI-enabled solutions to scrutinize media placements and allocate ad dollars to the best-performing audiences and channels. By using AI to shift advertising into ideal placements, marketers are able to place more effective ads and gain better results.

We probe ways AI and machine learning can boost marketing ROI, exponentially growing marketing results as you incrementally grow marketing budgets.

A McKinsey & Company report found comparatively few companies (21 percent) integrate AI into multiple aspects of operations. This gives your company opportunity to fully embrace AI and gain a major leg up on competitors.

Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics: Algorithms, Worked Examples, and Case Studies, by John D. Kelleher, Brian Mac Namee and Aoife D’Arcy.

Use AI and machine learning to analyze customer behavior patterns so you can align your offerings ahead of time to meet their needs.

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Gain insights into your best customers’ wants, needs and motivations. That wisdom can help you tailor marketing messages specifically to each customer group. The revelations are buried in big data so voluminous they are beyond human analysis -- but not beyond machine analysis. AI can analyze that insight-rich data, helping marketers present compelling messages to customers that fit them better than an expertly tailored suit, and lead them to purchase decisions.

Attaining optimal ad placements and perfectly customizing marketing messages to each recipient are critical strategies in making your marketing dollars work harder. But AI and machine learning can do more to help you achieve terrific ROI. Read on.

3. Pinpoint gaps, opportunities. You believe your content strategy is as good as content strategy gets. But think again. AI and machine learning can spot gaps in your content, letting you take full advantage of otherwise missed chances.

4. Deliver customer satisfaction. Successful marketing rests on customers being delighted with your product. AI-powered customer service responds instantly and efficiently to requests, and also helps customers help themselves.

Bonus: Sentiment Analysis. Emerging AI advances enable marketers to analyze customers’ facial expressions and voices to gauge happiness or disfavor. Knowing how customers are feeling can help companies better serve them.