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Embrace AI and machine learning to help create predictions about leads


Grow use of chatbots as ways to enhance brand interaction and engagement


Use AI/ML to replace long-tail keywords with conversational voice search

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Saturday, September 28th, 2019

Give Your Digital Marketing Greater Firepower with AI and Machine Learning

By early 2019, 51 percent of marketers had already begun using Artificial Intelligence (AI); another 27 percent planned to. Reason: AI and machine learning can improve digital marketing’s every aspect, from lead scoring to voice search to chatbots to content strategy and more. Learn why AI will deliver $2.6 trillion in future business value, and why those on the AI ground floor will gain competitive advantages.

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1. Among roles AI and machine learning perform best is drilling into data sets, plucking out insights, using the information to boldly forecast the future and then learning and improving forecasts over time. Insights can include who outside and inside your data base are ideal leads, what actions can be taken to turn leads into buyers, and which content will sway them to purchase. Greater customer insights and lead scoring, and more personalized product suggestions, are among the many dividends. .

We examine the many reasons to get in on the ground floor of the artificial intelligence and machine learning movement, one destined to revolutionize digital marketing.

According to PR Newswire, AI-enabled “voice shopping” is poised to grow 20 times larger by 2022. That year, it likely will also expected reach the $40 billion threshold.

Read Artificial Intelligence Business Applications: Artificial Intelligence Marketing and Sales Applications, by Bob Mather

AI can help your company convert more leads. This goal can be attained via content, chatbots and/or virtual assistant marketing messages that predict and deliver insights and offers most likely to move prospects further and deeper into the sales funnel.

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2. A third of today’s 3.5 billion daily Google searches are voice searches, TheeDigital reports. That percentage will only grow larger. AI-enabled virtual assistants and other voice-activated tools allow voiced conversational keywords to unseat traditional long-tail keywords in searches. As algorithms improve, voice searches are sure to become the search norm. Marketers who embrace voice search will prosper when customers and prospects use quicker, more intuitive searches to locate their products.

As profound an influence as predictive analytics and voice-activated searching stand to exert on digital marketing, they are just two of the countless benefits of AI and machine learning. Follow along as we unveil two more key advantages of the technology.

3. Let Chatbots Communicate. AI-facilitated chatbots can elevate the customer experience. How? By providing a communication tool that gives customers answers to pre-sale queries and provides engagement-building follow-up.

4. Map end-to-end content strategy. Content strategy is an ever more important part of digital marketing. AI can help marketers forecast what to write about, when and how often to publish, what keywords to include, and more.

Bonus: Personalize Content. Studies have shown content personalized to the recipient not only gains higher click-through rates, but generates sales more effectively. AI provides customized content that rivals the real thing.