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Ensure two-way communication by tweeting, tagging and replying


Locate potential followers through participation in Twitter chats


Cultivate large followers network by asking followers to retweet

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Saturday, June 29th, 2019

Twitter Works in Every Business to Capture Followers for Your Company

No matter the industry or sector, following Twitter business best practices can deliver followers for your company. And followers often become customers. Twitter boasts more than 325 million active monthly users, who exchange more than 500 million tweets each day. Building followers can help your company identify and target prospects, grow leads and sales and boost brand awareness.

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1. Among the wisest Twitter practices is to encourage two-way communication by tweeting, tagging and replying. Start short conversations by furnishing feedback, and asking and answering questions. Aim for 80 percent conversation and 20 percent promotion in your engagement with customers. This breakdown will enable you to subtly promote campaigns, distribute educational materials and display your brand’s human side in a way that leads to greater rapport.

We construct the case for building your Twitter followers strategically, using varying approaches to gather and keep followers who can turn into new customers.

Gain followers on Twitter by taking part in Tweet chats. You can use to identify a Twitter chat time and to help you manage Tweet chats.

Read Twitter: HOW TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS ON TWITTER, by Samuel Harrison.

Each day, 500 million tweets go out, an average of almost 5,800 per second. The Twitter algorithm, which steadily evolves from one year to the next, prioritizes and ranks each one. Studying this algorithm can help you create tweets that earn followers.

Email or call us at 708-246-4211 to learn four Twitter best practices to build followers.


2. What’s the simplest way to spur folks to become your Twitter followers? Make it easy for them to do so. Incorporating a follow button or social media widget into your blog lets any reader click once and become your follower. They don’t have to even take the nearly effortless step of finding your Twitter page. Moreover, clicking on your follow button won’t move them away from the all-important blog of yours they’re reading. A follow button removes any impediment to becoming a follower.

  • 3. Include tweetable quotes. You can add to both your Twitter followers and your blog readers by including tweetable quotes in your blogs. Adding “click to tweet” boxes in your blog copy will send that particular passage out as a tweet, heightening your blog traffic and increasing your followers.
  • 4. Request followers retweet. Each time your tweets are retweeted, you can gain more followers. So ask for them! Requesting your followers retweet with a “Please Retweet” in front of your tweet can grow your retweets by four times. For best results, just ask occasionally.
  • Bonus: Time your Tweets. Like many other things, building Twitter followers is often a matter of good timing. Streamline your efforts through use of Tweet-scheduling social media tools, helping ensure tweets are timed consistently.