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Saturday, August 25th, 2018

Don’t Overlook Social Media’s Far-Reaching Ability to Generate Leads

Sales leads are every company's lifeblood. But generating leads isn’t always easy. Social media represents one of the best ways to gather leads. Some 98 percent of sales and marketing leaders believe social selling has both short- and long-run value. More than three-quarters of buyers are agreeable to social media conversations. Add it up and you will find these five social media lead-generating techniques offer real value.

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Generating social media leads begins by knowing your target audience. You also must grasp the social media channels your targets use, how they use those channels and how your product or service fits those channels. A simple example: If your target audience seeks business solutions providers, your best choice may be the social media channel most associated with business, LinkedIn. If your target audience seeks products whose benefits are best conveyed visually, they’re likely Instagram or Pinterest users.

We scrutinize a quintet of ways to use social media to amass sales leads, explaining why the techniques work and how to employ them to accumulate well-qualified leads.

When brands give social media visitors a call to action in return for lead-generating data, questions should be kept short and simple. But they might ask optional “custom questions” for greater insight. Iowa radio station KDIC-FM used this approach on Instagram in trading weekly curated playlists for listeners’ names and emails.

Read Social Media Lead Generation: Lead the Way, by Virko Pold.

Try hosting a social media contest or sweepstakes. To enter for a prize or giveaway, contestants must complete an entry form, instantly providing your company leads.

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Strategic social media creates well-qualified leads that you can convert to buyers. Separate the best-qualified leads from the rest by inviting visitors to custom landing pages offering gated content. Once on these pages, visitors are given the chance to access what’s beyond the gate – a white paper or webinar, for example – by furnishing their contact information. Well-qualified leads willingly provide their email addresses, while those with less lead potential often click away from the opportunity.

These twin approaches enable social media interactions to become lead generators. Now go a step further, leveraging surveys and questionnaires, paid social media advertising and listening services to collar every sales lead possible.

  • Conducting questionnaires, surveys and polls is a way to ratchet your social media lead generation up a level. When used correctly, such interactive tools can help you pinpoint leads most receptive to your product or service.
  • Investing in paid social media advertising helps you gain leads two ways. First, you can offer gated content to finely defined target audiences. Second, social media ad platforms now offer tools to help collect social media network leads. For instance, Facebook lead ads ask visitors to give info in exchange for a digital coupon or brick-and-mortar product demo. Once a visitor shows interest, Facebook automatically populates the lead form with contact info the advertiser can use to connect.
  • Leveraging social listening services like HootSuite and Zoho to monitor mentions of your brand enables you to edge into social media conversations, answer questions about your brand, and build dialogue with customers and prospects.