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Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Grab Full Advantage of Amazon's Amazing Ability to
Market and Move Products

Amazon is becoming one of the greatest marketplaces on the planet. As the world's largest e-commerce storefront, it's a magnet for people interested in products you sell. In contrast to many sites, Amazon attracts visitors with the express intent of purchasing. So it's critical to keep abreast of latest Amazon best practices, starting with five of the top initiatives right here.

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Competition for customers on Amazon remains fierce. And as the site grows ever larger, the jockeying for customers figures to only grow more heated. Beat back rivals by pumping up your product pages' marketing muscle. Make sure page titles include the best keywords and inform buyers about your product before they arrive on your page. Use bulleted product features and benefit lists that engage, not repel, eyes. Consider incorporating videos on your page to better educate buyers.

We drill down into the marketing colossus that is Amazon, pinpointing and explaining how to profit from five key best practices.

Amazon recently compressed its Search Terms section, which the public does not see. The first 250 words in the Search Terms field -- the words you include and the way you array them -- are now vitally important in ensuring buyers find your product.

Read Amazon Product Listing Hacks – The Complete Guide to Ranking Higher and Getting More Sales, by Alex Wong.

Try not to inundate your product page title with too many keywords. Instead, make sure the title is easy to understand and includes brand name, name of product and distinguishing features.

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Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) lets Amazon vendors buy pay-per-click ads to hike sales and reach new customers. Comprehending which type of advertising campaign is right for your product increases odds of success. For instance, you may choose Product Display Ads, which appear on related product detail pages. Another option: Headline Search Ads, appearing on the first page of keyword search results. Sponsored Product Ads appear on both search result pages and product detail pages. Getting the right fit for your product is daunting. But do so and you'll likely reap greater sales.

Continue reading for additional Amazon marketing best practices, which can help you seize customer attention, enhance sales and better calibrate marketing salvos.

  • Third, remember Amazon product photography remains key to success. Marketers must learn to best utilize a range of attention-commanding visuals, from infographics to lifestyle photography, product comparison visuals and more.
  • Fourth, consider availing yourself of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, previously unavailable to most sellers on Amazon. Enhanced Brand Content allows for the expansion of Product Description with added copy, images and comparison charts.
  • Fifth and finally, access and study Amazon's increasingly enormous storehouse of data. Using this data correctly enables Amazon marketers to wrest maximum cost-effectiveness from each marketing expenditure.