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Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Ensure Your Marketing Evolves Right Along with Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising represents a powerful marketing force because of its ability to pinpoint audiences, adjust and grow over time. Your approach to Facebook Advertising must keep pace. In addition to adding three million new advertisers last year, Facebook made a number of vital advertising changes. This month, we investigate why and how to fine tune your marketing to take advantage of these Facebook ad trends.

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Facebook has broadened its spectrum of ad formats, letting marketers use different ad types for different goals. Do you want to encourage customers and prospects to browse through an assortment of products or information pages? Choose collection ads. Do you want to add brief videos to ads? Select slideshow ads. Do you want to send visitors directly to your offer or landing page? Link ads spur action and conversion by featuring prominent call-to-action buttons.

We investigate the constantly changing trends in Facebook advertising, cite some of the leading trends and show how varied brands are leveraging these trends for success.

User interactions with brands are higher on Instagram than on many other social media platforms. Facebook has integrated Instagram into its marketing platform. Ad placement on Instagram is conveniently handled through Facebook Ads Manager.

Read Facebook Ads Master: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Facebook Ads to Get More Leads and Sales, by Duren Harmon.

It’s increasingly important that your company’s Facebook advertising be integrated into other marketing channels. Facebook ads work well on their own, but even better when supporting other marketing approaches, such as direct response email, social media and event marketing.

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It’s difficult to gain support for your ad budget unless you can prove its effectiveness. Facebook’s offline conversion measurement tools allow marketers to determine when customer engagement with their Facebook ads results in transactions within their stores, and other offline settings. Facebook takes “Multi-touch attribution” to a higher plane than other platforms, helping you gain the most from every ad dollar.

As always, the savviest marketing firms are ahead of the pack when it comes to spotting and taking fullest advantage of emerging Facebook advertising trends. Here are several of the best example of companies gaining a leg up on rivals via the platform

  • A company providing quick business and consumer postcard printing gained a more than 200 percent conversion boost by reaching out to prospects engaging with Facebook through mobile devices and on native content.
  • An ecommerce site targeting arts-and-crafts enthusiasts leveraged the variety of Facebook ad formats explored above. The company used link, carousel, video and dynamic ads to reach different audiences with varied messages, more than tripling return on ad spend.
  • A well-known travel website sought to separate itself from rivals that used still images in Facebook ads. It quickly and easily created short video ads optimized for mobile devices, substantially lowering cost per incremental Web visitor.