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Saturday, December 30th, 2017

To Grab a Competitive Edge, Leverage Your CEO on Social Media

Having your CEO play a vibrant role in your social media campaigns can help you gain a leg up on your rivals. When the company leader has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, it can enhance brand credibility, build confidence in the company’s leadership and generate a more engaged base of customers and prospects. Here are the hows, whys and whens your CEO can become your social media brand ambassador.

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These days, average Americans spend substantial time on social media. When they find company CEOs just as committed, they tend to be favorably impressed. A recent BrandFrog survey found confidence in company leadership grows when customers find company higher-ups are active on social media. The result is a feeling the company is stable, and the CEO dedicated to its customers. That can directly translate to greater confidence in buying from that company.

We zero in on how and when company CEOs can engage with customers and prospects through social media, in the process helping the company build brand trust.

Studies show that a CEO’s social media involvement usually enhances company culture and strengthens customer and shareholder relationships.

Read Social Media For Business: Foolproof Tips to Help You Promote Your Business or Your Brand, by Linda Coles.

Ask the CEO to leverage his or her social media presence to attract and recruit top talent to your company. As SmartRecruiters’ founder and CEO Jerome Ternynck once said, “Hiring is social.”

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These are among best times to include CEOs in social media messaging. Rely on the CEO to convey the company is transparent and upfront with customers. Be sure their engagement is sympathetic to customers’ needs. Proactively make the CEO visible on social media before situations occur that call for reassurance. If you only include the CEO after suffering bad publicity, his or her message will carry less credibility.

We’ve examined key reasons to depend on CEOs in social media campaigns and the occasions when they should be included. Now let’s focus on success stories authored by companies whose CEOs play critical roles in their social media strategy.

  1. Investing your company with the personality of its leader can pay dividends by boosting customer interest. Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson uses social media to tell followers about his adventurous exploits away from the office.
  2. Social media can be the perfect place to personally and sincerely express gratitude. Few CEOs are better at leveraging this opportunity than Apple CEO Tim Cook, who regularly tweets his thanks to employees and customers.
  3. Using social media to convey thoughts about charitable or social causes important to the CEO can help increase customer engagement. Huffington Post CEO Arianna Huffington employs social media to share thoughts about giving back.