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Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Grab New Leads for Your Business

LinkedIn, the social media network most associate with business, has long been a good sales lead generating tool for companies. With its recent launch of its Lead Generation Forms, LinkedIn has the potential to become an even better lead producer. Lead Gen Forms enable companies to quickly and easily capture leads through their sponsored content on LinkedIn. Here’s how to use the forms to boost leads and profits.

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Research has demonstrated social media’s effectiveness as a new sales lead generator. Studies show up to 24 percent revenue growth for companies leveraging social media to produce leads. LinkedIn’s new Lead Gen Forms will surely elevate that number. The forms are filled automatically and instantly with name, title, contact information and more from users’ LinkedIn profiles. Read on to learn how to start on the path to new sales leads with Lead Gen Forms.

We introduce readers to a recent unveiling from LinkedIn: Lead Generation Forms. The forms make it possible to gain accurate sales leads effortlessly and instantly.

LinkedIn says mobile devices are used for 80 percent of sponsored content engagement. Mobile users often don’t want to fill out forms; Lead Gen Forms do that for them.

Read LinkedIn Marketing: How I Find Targeted LinkedIn Leads: The Top LinkedIn Marketing Hacks, by Felix King.

LinkedIn users understand the importance of keeping their profiles up to date. Because Lead Gen Forms create leads based on LinkedIn profile information, generated leads are far more likely than others to consist of fresh, accurate data.

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Begin the process by creating your lead generation form. It’s easy to navigate from your company’s LinkedIn profile to the form editor, where you can construct that form in mere minutes. Then attach the form to a lead-generating ad featuring your firm’s persuasive ad copy and a call to action customers will find difficult to resist. Bonus: These ads will show up just as beautifully on customers’ mobile devices as they will on stationary devices, because Lead Gen Forms are optimized for mobile.

Customers and prospects responding to your ads will become quality sales leads, with contact info migrating from their LinkedIn profiles into those leads instantly and with no effort on their part. Lead Gen Forms offer numerous other benefits, such as these:

  • Lead Gen Forms minimize hassles by integrating seamlessly into most CRM software. That means sales leads generated can be pursued through the repertoire of other marketing tools already part of your streamlined software system.
  • The process doesn’t end when your new sales leads send contact info. They are in turn sent to a thank you page where they are directed to a landing site summarizing the offer and/or providing additional marketing content.
  • Once leads are sent to LinkedIn Campaign Manager, your company can manage the new leads’ information to their fullest advantage.