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Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

You're Using Facebook Ads, But Are You Really Maximizing Their Effectiveness?

This year, online ad revenue will surpass that of TV advertising. What's more, Facebook dominates online advertising. Many marketers believe in Facebook ads, convinced they are not only one of the best options in targeting and creativity, but also the most cost-effective. With that much competition for attention, you have to make sure you are taking maximum advantage of Facebook ads' power to persuade. Here's how.

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Facebook recently merged its conversion tracking and custom audience pixels into the Facebook ad pixel. The Facebook ad pixel lets marketers gauge, maximize and boost their campaigns' audiences. Among its many capabilities is providing critical data on what devices your audience is using to access your ad messages. This in turn can enable you to correspondingly fine tune your Facebook ad efforts. Creating and naming your Facebook ad pixel is step number one in the process.

We pinpoint new approaches to increasing the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of your Facebook ads, helping you gain bigger results with smaller outlays.

Some experts believe Facebook ads are most effective if they have four qualities: visual appeal, relevancy, enticing value propositions and a great call to action.

Read FACEBOOK ADS Authority (Updated for 2017): How to use Facebook ads to get more leads, build brand awareness and make more sales, by Leon Omar.

When targeting your Facebook ads, consider aiming not just to fans of your Facebook page but also to Facebook users who have interests that are similar to your best customers.

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Studies show Facebook users are typically on the site for only 20 minutes at a time, and must choose from 4.75 billion pieces of content. These are daunting odds against your ad being seen. Dramatically lower the odds by scheduling your ads to be seen only at pre-specified times on certain days. Use Facebook Insights to learn what days/times your fans are most likely online. Run your ads then. This "dayparting strategy" enables you to maximize your results for every dollar spent.

These ideas represent just the first two of many means of stretching Facebook ad campaign dollars. The following will help extend your buying power further.

  • Investing in Facebook ads incorporating video isn't just advised, it's downright essential. Facebook reports its video viewing is up 50 percent. Your competitors are probably considering video Facebook ads if they haven't already begun using them.
  • Growth in mobile Facebook users means your Facebook ads must be optimized for mobile. Limited time offers and dynamic images and copy that leap from the screen can help cut through the clutter of competing stimuli vying for users' attention.
  • Promote Facebook posts already garnering above-average results with "post boost ads". Use those dollars more efficiently by boosting only those Facebook posts gaining the most likes, comments or shares.