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Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Why Great Images Are Critical to Ensuring Viewer Engagement

People respond best to images, and Instagram is one of the greatest forums to present brand-promoting visuals. Some 600 million people use Instagram, 300 million daily. On Instagram, brands enjoy a higher regular engagement with their users than on Facebook or Twitter. Given the 95 million photos and videos shared daily on Instagram, ensuring your brand images are noticed and recalled can be a hurdle. Follow along as we show you how.

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The visuals you post to Instagram must have stopping power. Visual appearance is the primary factor motivating purchase decisions for 93 percent of consumers. Eighty-five percent cite color as the top reason they purchased a specific product. It's smart to entrust your Instagram selection to your company's graphic design department or digital marketing agency. If the above options aren't available, use photo editing tools like Afterlight or VSCO to give your visuals the maximum pop they deserve.

We zoom in on techniques to leverage impactful photography and other images to generate engagement, brand loyalty and additional sales from customers and prospects.

Enthusiastic employees serve as brand ambassadors to attract more customers. Photos of happy, engaged employees help followers relate to and recall your brand.

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Ask yourself how your company's followers on Instagram are different from your followers on Facebook, Twitter and other channels. The more narrowly you can define this contrast, the better you'll be at pinpointing visuals that stop them in their tracks.

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Putting the spotlight on your products and employees is another terrific way of building user engagement. Use a balance of professionally-shot and user-generated visuals that convey value and benefits to customers. Depict your products in unusual settings, or being used in ways conveying activity or motion. Display your entire product line in a way showcasing its full range of sizes, shapes and colors. Focus on employees using your product, new product development efforts and behind-the-scenes peeks portraying your employees at work. All can give your company a face and personality that helps spark visual interest.

These are starting points for spurring Instagram engagement. Now let's go a bit further, examining how brands big and small stir up visual interest on the photo-sharing site.

  • A picture is worth 1,000 words, so let the photos you share tell stories about your brand. Urban Outfitters did that through "road trip" visuals showing people wearing their clothing while on the road in unusual, picturesque settings.
  • Feature photos reflecting brand colors or shapes. Online art company Desenio's Instagram images feature its trademark blue and grey colors, conveying serenity.
  • Include calls to action. Staples asked Instagram viewers to comment on visuals by suggesting fitting emojis, drawing a huge response of entertaining suggestions.