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Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Insightful Social Media Data Can Give You Edge in Content Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels generate a wealth of data helpful to content marketers. Mining the right social media data is critical in enabling you to forge personal connections with customers. Hubspot found 73 percent of consumers are frustrated by content not personally relevant to them. Here's how to apply social media data mining to help your content marketing succeed.

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It's known using "structured data" – such as likes, dislikes and location – is essential in crafting content marketing campaigns. But this is the tip of the iceberg. Business Insider reports 90 percent of social media data is unstructured. This uncategorized, untracked data delivers insights like purchasing behavior and demographic detail. Gathering and using this data can be indispensable in producing marketing content customers find highly relevant. That can drive sales and build your brand.

We drill into social media data's importance in content marketing, probing what data to seek and how data mining helps you create content pertinent to customers' needs.

Highly personalized marketing content – the kind achievable by leveraging data –can deliver a 270 percent increase in content consumption, report Hubspot and Marketo.



When going after readily obtainable structured data or more elusive but insightful unstructured data, always ensure best practices guide the quest. First, set goals for the data you will use, whether it's increasing traffic, building brand recognition or some other objective. Strive to obtain the most accurate data possible. Let customers know your social media data mining is intended to improve their experience. Above all, ensure the data lead to content delivering a direct customer benefit.

Brand marketers are only starting to grasp the opportunities offered by the growing mountain of social media data. Continue reading for insights used by leading-edge marketers in leveraging data to create content that resonates with customers.

  • Seek social media data that informs about customers' online and offline behaviors. This can identify common interests and traits among target market segments, helping you create and prioritize content that reaches targets at the best times.
  • When online, customers leave behind a data trail revealing their intent. The unstructured data that remains after their online journeys can include search query language and interests revealed in social media conversations.
  • Audience profiling tools, like Kred or Optimal Social, can identify what other content your readers seek, helping you understand and write to their interests.
  • The insights uncovered in social media data can not only help pinpoint what to include in content, but identify the right avenues for content distribution.

Read Social Media Data Mining and Analytics, by Gabor Szabo and Oscar Boykin

Data-driven content can enable brands to show customers how their social media insights are being used. This kind of transparency can break down barriers, helping build increased trust and brand loyalty.

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